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Stringent Quality Control Measures.

Stringent quality control (QC) measures for microarray printing are followed for every "print run."

  1. Visual Inspection - We validate every production lot of arrays using a visual-light scan of representative slides, allowing the identification of missed or inadequately deposited samples.
  2. Internal Control - We use a proprietary labeling methodology to attach a fluorescent tag to substrate-bound nucleic acids. This assay is quantitative and provides an accurate measure of determining the relative levels of bound probe. For each printing lot, several (“QC sacrifice”) slides from the beginning, middle, and the end of the run are examined using this assay. An image of the reaction, intensity data, and an overall intensity histogram from each representative slide is provided in the QC report.
  3. Batch Quality Control - Every array in a batch and every package of printed arrays are closely scrutinized before shipping to detect adequate sample deposition, oligo coupling, surface chemistry anomalies, and oligo concentration variations outside of normal limits. This is accomplished through a variety of imaging modalities and assays using randomly harvested slides from each print run. The data is compiled and included into the QC report.
  4. Deposition Accuracy - Our robotic workstations maintain high levels of spatial precision throughout the printing of every lot. Specifications with regard to absolute array and spot placement are tightly monitored. The absolute placement of the first deposition will be limited by the variability of the slide blank edges, normally ± 100 µm. After placement of the first deposition, tolerances will be as specified below. Row and column spacing will be set per customer specifications.

Absolute coordinates of first spot on slide X= ± 0.1 mm, Y= ± 0.1 mm
Space between subarrays Per request, ± 50 µm
Subarray rotation 0 ± 0.2 degrees
Row spacing within a subarray Per request, ± 20 µm
Column spacing within a subarray Per request ± 20 µm
Spots coordinates within a subarray ± 20 µm shift from a perfect grid with (to be specified) pitch in X and Y directions
Space between array copies Per request ± 50 µm
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