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Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Derived Cardiomyocyte QT Prolongation Assay.

Stem cells are an important new tool for developing unique, in-vitro model systems to test drugs and chemicals permitting a potential to predict or anticipate toxicity in humans. Critical safety issues such as QT prolongation and hepatotoxicity, two leading causes of failures in preclinical development of new therapeutic drugs, are readily examined using terminally differentiated cardiac and hepatic cells originating from human embryonic, adult and iPS cells, the latter making personalized cell derivation possible. The development of new medications, free from these side-effects, is possible using our predictive toxicity assays and services. For QT prolongation screening, medium throughput single cell electrophysiology and microelectrode array (MEA) mapping in a multi-well plate format is used as a model for electrophysiological drug screening.

The ability of this system to serve as a unique in-vitro model for cardiac electrophysiology (study the propagation of excitation in human cardiac tissue), drug screening, and target validation was recently demonstrated by Caspi, et. al. (2008, Stem Cells and Development). A number of drugs with known effects on action potential propagation and repolarization were studied proving the validity and reproducibility of this assay.

We currently offer this validated assay as a service.

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