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Stem Cell Growth and Directed Differentiation Optimizations.

While most of the current research in the area of stem cell culture growth and propagation has focused on defining media components that control stem cell differentiation, relatively little attention has been paid to the problem of generating ideal in-vitro culture systems for optimal growth, and expansion of stem cells and their specific progenitors, for practical regenerative medicine applications. It has, however, been recognized that, in-vivo, most types of stem cells exist in a complex microenvironment or “niche” which plays a critical role in controlling the fate of stem cells. While standard tissue culture plates and traditional bioreactor systems (e.g. spinner cultures) have been refined for more controlled environments for growth and propagation of stem cells these units were originally designed and are most suitable for manufacturing of secreted proteins from mammalian cell lines and not cell therapy. For optimal in-vitro growth and propagation of stem cells, it is becoming increasingly clear that “good science may require more three-dimensional thinking."

There are however, no one-size-fits-all solutions. In-vivo stem cells sense and respond to their microenvironment niche composed of an “intricate blend” of extracellular matrix proteins, soluble protein factors, immobilized protein factors, proteoglycans, in some cases mineralized tissue, and numerous adjacent cell types, all of which likely vary in space and time.Cell Matrix Arrays (CMATM) enable the “daunting task” of replicating such microenvironments in-vitro especially as high throughput analysis of vast number of combinations of factors and conditions are readily possible.

At DNAmicroarray, Inc., our expert stem cell biologists will use Cell Matrix ArraysTM custom designed and developed for your project to screen and empirically determine the most optimum in-vitro 2-D or 3-D culture conditions for growth and directed differentiation of stem cells of your interest.

All Cell Matrix ArraysTM are manufactured using proprietary in-house chemistries and biomaterials. Choose from a diverse library of available:

Currently two Cell Matrix ArrayTM formats are available:

  1. Microplate Format - Hydrogel and biomaterial coated microplates in 96, 384, and 1536 well formats.
  2. Microarray Format - High density microarray slides with biomaterials printed as spots.

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